World Championship Domino Tournament

Common Domino Terms Heading

    1. Bone-Yard - dominoes left after all players have drawn their hands. These may be drawn (one-at-a-time) during a singles match when a player cannot follow suit.
    2. Spinner - first double played.
    3. Shuffle - the act of thoroughly mixing the dominoes (face-down) before each hand.
    4. The Hand - refers to all the dominoes in a player's hand.
    5. Down - the first domino played on the playing surface.
    6. The Downer - the first person having the privilege of playing the first domino on the playing surface.
    7. Pass - if the player does not have a domino in his or her hand that will play, the turn passes to the player on his or her immediate left. (This is the case in partnership play.)
    8. Blocked Game - when no one can play (after all dominoes have been drawn), yet no one has dominoed.
    9. Table Count - the total number of dots in multiples of five after counting only the exposed ends.
    10. Draw - when a player in singles cannot play, the player must draw a domino from the 'boneyard' until a domino will play.
    11. House - 50 points.
    12. Game - 250 points or five houses unless otherwise specified.
    13. Match - the best two-out-of-three games.
    14. Dominoed - once a player has played all the dominoes in the player's hand.
    15. Domino Count - the number of dots left unplayed (rounded to the nearest five) in the opponent's hand that is added to the player's score once the player dominoes (plays the last domino in his/her hand).
    16. Suit- all the dominoes that have the same number of dots on one end (there are seven dominoes in each suit group).
    17. Object of the Game - to score as many points as possible (in multiples of five), with the first person to reach 250 points/five houses (unless otherwise specified), winning the game.
    18. Scoring - is done when the total of all dots on the ends of the dominoes add up to five or multiples of five. In the first example the last player scored 15. In the second example the count is 10. (See the following illustrations for two different examples).
    19. Domino Illustration       Second Domino Illustration


      This scoring can be done by either a pegboard (five points per hole) or by making houses. (Fifty points equal a house with "X" and "O" ("O" equals ten points, and each line of "X" equals five points, with both lines equalizing ten points).

    20. Singles - a match between two people (only two people seated at the table).
    21. Doubles - partnership matches with four players.
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